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31 December 2012 @ 11:59 pm


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INTRO POST / 50 facts about me

101/1001rory's reading challengescrapbook 2017

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01 January 2017 @ 09:28 pm


- 2017 -

“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.”
(Mary Shelley)

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22 November 2016 @ 06:35 pm

( ♥ if I disappear, consider this your mandatory hiatus post ♥ )
12 November 2016 @ 02:25 am

Rory's Reading Challenge

note: several lists online claim to include all the books seen, mentioned or referenced in Gilmore Girls. I don't have the time or will to check and compare, so in the spirit of pragmatism, I chose this list by Australian writer Patrick Lenton. This one (you can download it) tells you, episode by episode, the books referenced in each (impractical as a guide because that means some books are repeated) and this one chooses the 88 books you should read if +300 is too much.

To read, or try to, every single book in this list. Dropping books is fine. No time limit. No need to re-read those you've already read.

[key] If crossed out, I dropped it. If bolded, it's read!
BOOKS READ: 29/339 (2 abandoned)

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Oh, boy. Good luck to me.
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09 November 2016 @ 11:25 pm
I've been trying to find the words all day, but somehow I don't think there are enough words for me to explain what I think and feel since I learnt about Donald Trump's election as president of the USA. I'm horrified that this has happened, though not surprised. I've believed this would happen since Brexit happened; after all, the same forces are behind both: hate. It's still horrifying and never have I wished to be proven wrong more than I did last night. This is a sad day for any decent human being.

One thing is true: I'm happy to have finally seen a woman run for the presidency of the biggest economy in the world. Hillary wasn't the perfect candidate. Like most politicians, she'd made mistakes, but unlike most, she was a competent, experienced woman aiming for the most prominent job position in the world, and she had a chance, and that's a beautiful thing to see. A hundred years ago women still couldn't vote, but this year Hillary ran for president of the USA.

The world is in a dark place right now and we've seen racism, misogyny, bigotry, and plain ol' hate win these elections, but the fight is not over. Sure, the hate is more widespread than most thought, but while more than 50 million people did vote for it, another 50 million people voted against it, voted for progress, voted for a woman and for certain values. Many more are angry. Something terrible happened today, but that we took three steps back doesn't erase the other dozens of steps we've taken forward in history.

We're the future. It's the people who believe in equality, in love, in unity, that the future belongs to. I believe this because it's people like us that have fought to bring us here, and the path is not done, and it will be walked till the end. Now more than ever, kill them with love. If they think we're giving up, we're accepting this, they're wrong. They have won this battle, but they won't win the war, as they say.

To my friends from the States, I'm deeply sorry this has happened in your country. I wish for the best for the next for years. You have my support and I hope other Americans have your support. As a European, I've thought long and hard about whether to post this or not, whether I had the right to feel as attacked as I do, and I've concluded I do. The election of a man with the values (or lack thereof) that Donald Trump presents and endorses speaks volumes about the society we live in, and I feel outraged. But the truth is, it is those in America who will be most affected by it, and for them I'm sorry and appalled and I wish them the best of lucks.

Stay strong, the Sun always comes out, even after the longest and darkest of nights, and I sure believe it will.
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14 January 2016 @ 07:02 pm

I can't believe this happened. We were robbed of such a bright man. AGAIN. I'm heartbroken.

Dear Alan,

I never received my letter, but in a way I grew up in Hogwarts. I was a Slytherin and Professor Snape the Head of my house and the teacher I loved to hate. And you, Alan, played him brilliantly. The best is that you weren't just my Professor Snape. As I grew up, you were also my Harry and my Colonel Brandon, and that actor that made me keep watching a movie I hadn't planned to just because I knew you were going to be fantastic. You did a great job and you always seemed (sounded) to be an amazing man. You were inspiring in many ways. Thank you for leaving all this amazing work behind for us to enjoy. Rest in peace.

(Go shine up there, Alan.)

I wrote that on Instagram. I honestly didn't think I'd be this sad over this, but I guess it makes sense. Harry Potter had such an influence in making me the woman I am today. In a way, I did grow up in Hogwarts. I made my friends there. I hid there when I didn't like my muggle life. I became a better writer exploring the castle's corridors. Alan Rickman was a huge part of it, and as with any of the other actors involved, I feel a connection and affection towards him so enormous that this leaves me heartbroken. He was brilliant and yet he is no more. I feel for his family and friends and the people who did have the chance to get to know him. RIP.
11 January 2016 @ 12:14 pm

Thank you for the inspiration.
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03 January 2016 @ 05:26 pm
I hate posting too much in a row, but hey, I love to see LJ still alive.

A 2016 LJ Friending Meme!
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01 January 2016 @ 05:10 pm


dos mil dieciséis

but monsters are always hungry, darling.
(richard siken)

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✿ Lucifer: 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04, 1x05, 1x06, 1x07, 1x08, 1x09, 1x10, 1x11, 1x12, 1x13.
✿ iZombie: 2x14, 2x15, 2x16, 2x17, 2x18, 2x19.
✿ Wynonna Earp: 1x01, 1x02.
✿ Vampire Detective: 1.


✿ Running Man: 256.
✿ Vampire Detective: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
✿ Shadowhunters: 1x13.
✿ Suits: 4x05, 4x06, 4x07, 4x08, 4x09, 4x10, 4x11, 4x12, 4x13, 4x14, 4x15, 4x16, 5x01, 5x02, 5x03, 5x04, 5x05, 5x06, 5x07, 5x08, 5x09, 5x10, 5x11, 5x12, 5x13, 5x14, 5x15, 5x16.
✿ Fresh Off The Boat: 2x07.
✿ Political Animals: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
✿ Preacher: 1x01.
✿ Killjoys: 1x01, 1x02.
✿ The Musketeers: 3x01.


✿ Agent Carter: 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04, 1x05, 1x06, 1x07, 1x08, 2x01, 2x02, 2x03, 2x04, 2x05, 2x06, 2x07, 2x08, 2x09, 2x10.
✿ Preacher: 1x02, 1x03.
✿ American Ninja Warrior S8: 1 (LA Qualifier), 2 (Atlanta Qualifier).
✿ American Ninja Warrior S9:
✿ Game of Thrones: 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04, 1x05, 1x06, 1x07, 1x08, 1x09, 1x10, 2x01, 2x02, 2x03, 2x04, 2x05, 2x06, 2x07, 2x08, 2x09, 2x10, 3x01, 3x02, 3x03, 3x04, 3x05, 3x06, 3x07, 3x08, 3x09, 3x10, 4x01, 4x02, 4x03, 4x04, 4x05, 4x06, 4x07.


✿ Game of Thrones: 4x08, 4x09, 4x10, 5x01, 5x02, 5x03, 5x04, 5x05, 5x06, 5x07, 5x08, 5x09, 5x10, 6x01, 6x02, 6x03, 6x04, 6x05, 6x06, 6x07, 6x08, 6x09, 6x10.


✿ Suits: 6x01, 6x02, 6x03, 6x04.


✿ Suits: 6x05.
✿ Digimon Adventure Tri: 1, 2.
✿ Victoria: 1, 2, 3, 4.
✿ Friday Night Lights: 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04, 1x05, 1x06, 1x07, 1x08, 1x09, 1x10, 1x11.
✿ Lucifer: 2x01.


✿ Luke Cage: 1x01, 1x02.
✿ Friday Night Lights: 1x12.
✿ The K2: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
✿ Conviction: 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04.
✿ Lucifer: 2x02, 2x03, 2x04, 2x05.
✿ Drinking Solo: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
✿ Class: 1x01, 1x02.


✿ Lucifer: 2x06.
✿ Gilmore Girls: 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04, 1x05, 1x06, 1x07, 1x08, 1x09, 1x10, 1x11, 1x12, 1x13, 1x14, 1x15, 1x16, 1x17, 1x18, 1x19, 1x20, 1x21, 2x01, 2x02, 2x03, 2x04, 2x05, 2x06, 2x07, 2x08, 2x09, 2x10, 2x11, 2x12, 2x13, 2x14, 2x15, 2x16, 2x17, 2x18, 2x19, 2x20, 2x21, 2x22, 3x01, 3x02, 3x03, 3x04, 3x05, 3x06, 3x07, 3x08, 3x09, 3x10, 3x11, 3x12, 3x13, 3x14, 3x15, 3x16, 3x17, 3x18, 3x19, 3x20, 3x21, 3x22, 4x01, 4x02, 4x03, 4x04, 4x05, 4x06, 4x07, 4x08, 4x09.


✿ Gilmore Girls, A Year In The Life: 1, 2, 3, 4.
✿ This Is Us: 1x01, 1x02.
✿ Star Trek: 1.
✿ Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion.

Currently watching: Conviction, Lucifer, Drinking Solo, The K2, Killjoys, Preacher, The Musketeers, Suits, iZombie, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Sense8.


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01 December 2015 @ 06:46 pm
Hello! So the December Posting Meme starts today (you can still request posts here!) with a post about music. radioheadpeter asked for some recs and I couldn't resist making it into a post about some current favorites (it also makes it easier for him to check it and keep it). The post is basically a compilation of some of the artists I listen to these days, some that I've discovered in recent times, some that have been with me for a while. I hope you enjoy. I really love checking out what other people listen to so if there's someone like that out there, hope you discover something new :)

PS. Because there are many songs I wanted to recommend for each artist, for each artist I hid all of the embedded videos but one under spoiler tags. Hopefully that way if you have terrible connection like mine RIGHT THIS MOMENT you can still enjoy the post :)

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