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31 December 2012 @ 11:59 pm


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scrapbook 2014

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25 May 2014 @ 01:10 am
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02 February 2014 @ 06:36 pm

bienvenida . info . unirse

Just one. I'm a few. No family, too. Who am I?
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19 January 2014 @ 01:20 am
Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing and I’ll tell you something about the story I’d write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write)

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy
15. High School / College AU
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01 January 2014 @ 12:16 am

scrapbook '14.

using pain to take it to the next level
those are the things that turn players into kings
-- sons of anarchy

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31 December 2013 @ 12:52 am

2013’s top 5s!

I posted this today and since I needed a break for uni and had enough to do a post, here it goes! You can still comment anyways, I'm not against doing more posts, although I don't know what else you could ask, lmao. Anyway, rankings are hidden behind the code for spoiler (because: SUPER LONG entry!) and images are credited as I always do in this journal: you click on it, it takes you to the original tumblr post.

top 5 TV characters!

This post's going to remain spoiler free and I hope you do the same in the comments, thank you!

Memorable mentions: John Luther, Alice Morgan (Luther); Dorian (Almost Human); Kang Mireu, Choi Jihoon, Yoonsu (White Christmas).


Orphan Black's FELIX DAWKINS


Sons of Anarchy's TARA KNOWLES






You're the best Lee Soon Shin's SHIN JUNHO

top 5 kpop songs!


Rum Pum Pum Pum - f(x)


What's going on? - B1A4


우울시계 (Gloomy clock) - IU feat. KIM JONGHYUN




완전 사랑해요 (I love you so much) - 조정석 (Jo Jung Suk) (Lee Soon Shin's OST)

Actually, I love you so much was 4th when I started this post, right behind B1A4's, but let's be real -- this is the one kpop song (counts as that?) I've listened a million times this year, so there it goes. It's super simple, but oh so nice!

top 5 3 kpop albums!

Honorable mentions: Infinite H's Fly High, B1A4's 이게 무슨 일이야, Lim Kim's Goodbye 20, Gain and Hyung Woo's Romantic Spring

f(x)'s Pink tape / IU's Modern times

The Misconceptions of you + The Misconceptions of Me / SHINee

top 5 kpop moments!

Actually, because I haven't kept up with kpop much this year, this one I'd have to skip, if it weren't because I just would kinda like to put here the incident where Kim Jonghyun's one of the very few idols who dare to speak up about shit that happens in his country, more specifically, inequality. That'd be #1, and amongst the others I'd include: Kim Heechul's discharge from the military and IU's leaked photo with Eunhyuk (because I think she deserves to be seen as a girl her age, not a kid, and if this is what Korea needed, there it goes!). There! Top 3!

top 5 non kpop albums

Honorable mentions: Bon Jovi's What about now (I was actually unsure to include this or Timberlake's!)

Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience / Woodkid's The Golden Rule
Drunken Tiger's The Cure / Imagine Dragons' Night Visions
BASTILLE's Bad Blood

top 5 moments I wished would've last forever!

(in no particular order)

>>> When I was drinking bear and listening to live music at The Cavern. Now, I'm perfectly aware that that's not exactly the same place where The Beatles used to play, but oh, did I love it!

>>> Bon Jovi's concert, of course!

>>> Probably about any moment in Amsterdam, but there was this one day when we were all in a park, sitting down with our beers waiting for the guys that had to bring the bood, and G (one of the Dutch guys, an organizer) and I had a really nice conversation. He was "The Hot One" and I loved seeing there was a lot more behind that. My favorite part was talking about books. Such a nice friend.

>>> The exact moment right after I finished filming an scene during my drama class. I did it and I felt soooo good that I had been able to do it without running away! Amazing moment, to be honest.

>>> Amsterdam again: the route we did with the bikes through a super beautiful part of Amsterdam, very rural. It was sooo amazing.

top 5 PILFs
(where P stands for people instead of mom/dad)

(in no particular order)

Rinko Kikuchi

Harry Styles

Adelaide Kane

Jo Jung Suk

Ryu Sera

I seem to be more drawn to talent than physical appeal, as when I was faced with the choice of: Sam Claflin or Jo Jung Suk, I needed 0.01 seconds to choose.
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26 December 2013 @ 04:17 pm
A day late, but. Happy 10th anniversary.

I wasn't going to post anything, but someone hit me with a mixtape of some of their greatest lives (you can find it HERE and it's flawless, of course), I thought WHAT THE HELL, and here I am. I think I've said it before, but I love these two performances because they are not perfect, but god are they having fun! Gotta love it, you know. Too much heartbreak already attached to the name 동방신기 already, it's good to have some dorkiness (:
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03 November 2013 @ 12:19 pm
I'm just extremely bored of this transcription I have to do for class, so here it goes!

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30 September 2013 @ 10:01 pm

This is now a thing, apparently. Went from love-Little-Mix to crush-on-Zayn to oh-well-let's-listen-to-this-1D-song-a-thousand-times. But they look so fine here and sound so good.
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