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31 December 2012 @ 11:59 pm


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14 January 2016 @ 07:02 pm

I can't believe this happened. We were robbed of such a bright man. AGAIN. I'm heartbroken.

Dear Alan,

I never received my letter, but in a way I grew up in Hogwarts. I was a Slytherin and Professor Snape the Head of my house and the teacher I loved to hate. And you, Alan, played him brilliantly. The best is that you weren't just my Professor Snape. As I grew up, you were also my Harry and my Colonel Brandon, and that actor that made me keep watching a movie I hadn't planned to just because I knew you were going to be fantastic. You did a great job and you always seemed (sounded) to be an amazing man. You were inspiring in many ways. Thank you for leaving all this amazing work behind for us to enjoy. Rest in peace.

(Go shine up there, Alan.)

I wrote that on Instagram. I honestly didn't think I'd be this sad over this, but I guess it makes sense. Harry Potter had such an influence in making me the woman I am today. In a way, I did grow up in Hogwarts. I made my friends there. I hid there when I didn't like my muggle life. I became a better writer exploring the castle's corridors. Alan Rickman was a huge part of it, and as with any of the other actors involved, I feel a connection and affection towards him so enormous that this leaves me heartbroken. He was brilliant and yet he is no more. I feel for his family and friends and the people who did have the chance to get to know him. RIP.
11 January 2016 @ 12:14 pm

Thank you for the inspiration.
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03 January 2016 @ 05:26 pm
I hate posting too much in a row, but hey, I love to see LJ still alive.

A 2016 LJ Friending Meme!
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01 January 2016 @ 05:10 pm


dos mil dieciséis

but monsters are always hungry, darling.
(richard siken)

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✿ Lucifer: 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04, 1x05, 1x06, 1x07, 1x08, 1x09, 1x10, 1x11, 1x12, 1x13.
✿ iZombie: 2x14, 2x15, 2x16, 2x17, 2x18, 2x19.
✿ Wynonna Earp: 1x01, 1x02.
✿ Vampire Detective: 1.


✿ Running Man: 256.
✿ Vampire Detective: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
✿ Shadowhunters: 1x13.
✿ Suits: 4x05, 4x06, 4x07, 4x08, 4x09, 4x10, 4x11, 4x12, 4x13, 4x14, 4x15, 4x16, 5x01, 5x02, 5x03, 5x04, 5x05, 5x06, 5x07, 5x08, 5x09, 5x10, 5x11, 5x12, 5x13, 5x14, 5x15, 5x16.
✿ Fresh Off The Boat: 2x07.
✿ Political Animals: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
✿ Preacher: 1x01.
✿ Killjoys: 1x01, 1x02.
✿ The Musketeers: 3x01.


✿ Agent Carter: 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04, 1x05, 1x06, 1x07, 1x08, 2x01, 2x02, 2x03, 2x04, 2x05, 2x06, 2x07, 2x08, 2x09, 2x10.
✿ Preacher: 1x02, 1x03.
✿ American Ninja Warrior S8: 1 (LA Qualifier), 2 (Atlanta Qualifier).
✿ American Ninja Warrior S9:
✿ Game of Thrones: 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04, 1x05, 1x06, 1x07, 1x08, 1x09, 1x10, 2x01, 2x02, 2x03, 2x04, 2x05, 2x06, 2x07, 2x08, 2x09, 2x10, 3x01, 3x02, 3x03, 3x04, 3x05, 3x06, 3x07, 3x08, 3x09, 3x10, 4x01, 4x02, 4x03, 4x04, 4x05, 4x06, 4x07.


✿ Game of Thrones: 4x08, 4x09, 4x10, 5x01, 5x02, 5x03, 5x04, 5x05, 5x06, 5x07, 5x08, 5x09, 5x10, 6x01, 6x02, 6x03, 6x04, 6x05, 6x06, 6x07, 6x08, 6x09, 6x10.


✿ Suits: 6x01, 6x02, 6x03, 6x04.


✿ Suits: 6x05.
✿ Digimon Adventure Tri: 1, 2.
✿ Victoria: 1, 2, 3, 4.
✿ Friday Night Lights: 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04, 1x05, 1x06, 1x07, 1x08, 1x09, 1x10, 1x11.
✿ Lucifer: 2x01.


✿ Luke Cage: 1x01, 1x02.
✿ Friday Night Lights: 1x12.
✿ The K2: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
✿ Conviction: 1x01, 1x02, 1x03, 1x04.
✿ Lucifer: 2x02, 2x03, 2x04, 2x05.
✿ Drinking Solo: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
✿ Class: 1x01, 1x02.

Currently watching: Conviction, Class, Lucifer, Drinking Solo, The K2, Luke Cage, Killjoys, Preacher, The Musketeers, Suits, iZombie, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Sense8.


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01 December 2015 @ 06:46 pm
Hello! So the December Posting Meme starts today (you can still request posts here!) with a post about music. radioheadpeter asked for some recs and I couldn't resist making it into a post about some current favorites (it also makes it easier for him to check it and keep it). The post is basically a compilation of some of the artists I listen to these days, some that I've discovered in recent times, some that have been with me for a while. I hope you enjoy. I really love checking out what other people listen to so if there's someone like that out there, hope you discover something new :)

PS. Because there are many songs I wanted to recommend for each artist, for each artist I hid all of the embedded videos but one under spoiler tags. Hopefully that way if you have terrible connection like mine RIGHT THIS MOMENT you can still enjoy the post :)

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12 October 2015 @ 01:13 am
I sometimes forget how much I love writing. I forget, too, how much of my life I have spent writing, talking about writing, reading about writing, bonding over writing. I've invested time, talent and effort in writing like I've done in nothing else, and at times, it has been the center of my life. In a way, it always is, because when I am not writing, I wish I was writing.

I joke that there is people in my head, that I hear voices when I close my eyes, but in some ways, that isn't a joke at all. There is people that can't believe I am shy or awkward, and that is because they've met me in situations when I needed not to be and so I was channeling one of my characters, because who else could I know better? My characters, mostly born out of a trait or a name, and I love nothing more than discovering them little by little, see them take shape in front of every situation they face. Some might think I talk too much as if they were real, but what can be realer than the characters I've written and the characters I've loved and hated (who sometimes overlap and sometimes not; other people's characters are sometimes well and alive in my head too)?

I was always a kid of vivid imagination and great empathy and they combined to have me writing. It's been 17 years, and look at me: there's nothing you will hear me talk more passionately about than writing. And maybe I will never be an author, will never be published. Maybe only my best friends will get to read my stories, but who cares. Writing is the one thing I love and breathe and sometimes I forget it, but when I remember -- when I remember it hits full force that I fucking love it.

"Why do you write?," people have asked me. I write because I do not know how not to write.
20 September 2015 @ 07:53 pm
I said I would make a post with all the cute shit I bought in Japan and South Korea. You see, I LOVE STATIONERY. I love buying notebooks and post-its and apparently also stickers. Nothing like buying a new planner to think that this is going to be The Year (it never happens afterwards, but ah, that awesome feeling!). As it is, I bought a lot in South Korea and Japan (my friend Eline is also a great enabler and horrible influence for this sort of thing, and Daiso was way too cheap not to buy). The photos aren't great because I took them with my phone and they ended up somewhat dark (and I'm lazy to edit rn), and also I took photos of groups of things (because there's too much for one thing at a time), so if anyone is curious about anything in particular, I can do take a close up photo for you!

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07 June 2015 @ 12:00 am
This took longer today because:
1) Football! Barça won the Champions League! YAY!
2) Every time I tried to search the quotes or images for this post, I ended up having a huge revival of my feelings for the show at hand, I think I need help.

ANYWAY! Here I go. There are no spoilers (or not important spoilers at least) in this post so if anybody comes for recs or finds out now that wants to watch a kdrama and doesn't know where to start, you can use this as a rec post!

June 06.
maybe asked: What are your top 5 kdramas?

This selection was difficult to come up with because my relationship with kdramas is complicated. On one hand, I absolutely love watching Korean dramas and they've been my guilty pleasure for years now. On the other, I love to shred them to pieces because often they're SO BAD, so corny and ridiculous. They often linger on boring relationships, have couple dynamics I have to raise three eyebrows at, or go terribly wrong halfway through (when there's not cancer! long lost siblings falling in love! people running over other people with their cars!). You may not believe this but it's actually super hard for me to love-love dramas.

However, when I do love a drama, oh boy, how I love a kdrama when I love it hard! And the thing is, I've been watching kdramas long enough now, and I've watched enough of them, that I do have a handful of kdramas that could make this list (aka, more than 5), so it's been a hard selection, save for three of them who were in right away. In any case, here is my list, in no order other than chronological (as in, which ones I watched first), with pretty gifs and a list of honorable mentions.

08 March 2015 @ 11:20 pm
Give me a fandom and I'll tell you who I want to:

Push off a cliff:
Frick frack:
Set on fire:
Wrap a blanket around:
Be roommates with:

I can do this with almost any tv show, book series or group that I follow, so go wild and keep me entertained! I'm having a shitty everything and really need to distract myself ♥
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